Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. Because sessions are by appointment only, there's no guarantee that I will be in my office during the hours listed on my website. Please call ahead if you plan to drop in!

For New Clients looking to save time with paperwork, my intake packet is available for download and printing here. You can also read and download a copy of my Notice of Privacy Practices. Both are .PDF documents; only the intake packet is required.

Accepted Payment Methods Include: Cash, Personal Checks, and All Credit/Debit Cards via Square. Gratuities of any amount are always appreciated, but never required!

Standard Massage Therapy: $35/$65/$90
Each standard massage session is tailored to your specific needs that day. You can rest assured that, whether you're looking to relax or to address specific symptoms, you'll receive the massage techniques that best support your health. A 30-minute massage session allows focused work on one or two specific areas that need it most, allowing you to receive more frequent treatments to speed up your healing and recovery. 90-minute sessions give us time to move slowly and to use deeper pressure as we address more areas, while 60-minute sessions fall somewhere in-between.

Senior & Student Rates: $30/$60/$85
The Senior Rate includes clients born during or before 1958. The Student Rate includes clients ages 8-18 and current massage students. For clients age 0-8, please call for a quote.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: $35/$65
Your lymphatic system is your immune system: it relies on muscle movements to get the lymph from your capillaries to your lymph nodes, and then to your lymph ducts to be processed. Anything the lymph picks up that's no longer useful to your body is eliminated. 
The technique itself involves very light, very gentle touch. We work to improve the flow of lymph through your body. It is effective in treating some cases of edema (swelling, especially in the legs and ankles) and can help you to recover from a cold faster. The technique can be done with clients fully clothed, laying on their backs, or can be incorporated into a light, full-body massage routine with draping.

Senior & Student Rates: $30/$60

Intuitive Energywork: $35/$65/$90
With intuitive energywork, I combine knowledge of Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Crystal Healing, and other theories into a session with the intention to heal beyond the physical body. Reiki is a Japanese form of "hands-on" energywork; it is appropriate for all ages and there are no conditions where receiving Reiki would be inadvisable. Energywork is very relaxing and gentle. You will remain clothed during this session; while I may gently position my hands along joints and muscles, no massage work will be done and no lotions will be used.

Senior & Student Rates: $30/$60/$85

Other Perks and "The Works:"
All sessions include: heated table warmer and hot towels (by request during the summer), high-quality PurePro massage lotions, pesticide-free 100% pure Jojoba, complimentary moist towelettes, your choice of music, and filtered water.
"The Works" includes all of the above plus: a cold-stone facial massage, hot paraffin dip for hands or feet, and your choice of aromatherapy. Please allow at least 24 hours notice to book, and plan to add an additional 15-30 minutes to your session. Last-minute changes and late arrivals may not be honored in consideration of other scheduled clients. +$15
Prepaid Session Packages:
Save $25 off the Standard Session Rates!
  • Five 60-minute Sessions -- $300
  • Five 90-minute Sessions -- $425