Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"I'm at Your Front Door -- Now What?"

I don't have a lobby or a receptionist, so I rely on signage to help direct new and established clients when I'm not available to greet them at the door. Here are some examples of what signs you might see at my office.

If you are coming up Main Street (Route 4A) from Hollis, my office will be on the right, next door to the Bar Mills Post Office. You'll see the sign for the Leavitt's Mill Free Health Center on the hill; sometimes my tiny purple and white lawn sign is out to point the way. You'll want this driveway.

Here's a closer view of my sign. In the background is the driveway for Leavitt's Mill and the other businesses upstairs. "You cannot get they-ah from he-ah," so please use the entrance in the next photo.

This corner of the building, closest to the post office, is my office! There's another little lawn sign to point the way; there is a turn-around and more parking out back if you need it. (See "Where Should I Park?" for more details.)

When you walk up to my door, you might see this sign and a doorbell attached to the black security box on the right.

This doorbell sounds in my office. I take it down while I'm with a client.

This is a close-up of the sign on my door -- if you see this one, ring the doorbell and wait outside. I try to answer the door within a minute or two; if nobody answers, try again. You can also knock on my window where the plants and tapestry are. (Sometimes the batteries in the doorbell run out.)

If you arrive to this set of signs and no visible doorbell, please wait outside. I could be in the middle of a session or cleaning my office after a previous client. You might also double-check your appointment time and date -- I've had a few clients arrive on the wrong date before.

If you're sure you have an appointment but I haven't come to greet you by your appointment time, give me a call and leave a message. You're welcome to wait a few minutes for a response. There is nothing worse than expecting to get a massage and then being disappointed! 😱

As always, if you have any questions, give me a call at (207) 370-4222. I look forward to working with you!

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