Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bar Mills Bridge Closing 7/11/2016

In case you haven't seen it -- the Maine DOT now has a sign on Route 4A to warn drivers that the Bar Mills bridge will be closed for construction as of July 11. I haven't heard when it will be open again, but the whole project is due to be completed by summer of next year. (Bleh!)

Speaking of renovations, the exterior of my office space got a fresh coat of paint this week! The common areas inside the building have also been painted and given new carpet. (I actually had clients the day they were laying the carpet down -- whoops.)

After being in the space for three weeks, I have yet to find anything I can't live with. Some of the doors tend to slam and trucks pull up to pick-up mail from the post office, but I'd say it's still a good 80% quieter than the hair salon was. Everyone who has been in to see the space loves it!

Summer can be a crazy season for scheduling sessions, but I do have flexibility in the hours I can offer for massages. If you can't find a slot that works for you, give me a call and I'll look for some other options on my end!

Hope to see you soon!

-- Bethany