Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"What Do You Have For Music?"

If bird songs don't leave you twitterpated or ocean waves don't float your boat, there are many, many more music options available through the Pandora Radio app. I use it to stream music from my phone or iPad.

If you've never used it before, you can create a free account and then start searching for whatever music you love: polyphonic chant, hang drums, Hawaiian Reggae, Christmas classics, basement jazz, Ed Sheeran, Annie Lennox -- the choices are nearly endless!

Pandora takes your music du jour and searches for artists and styles similar to it. Sometimes it'll find something absolutely wonderful -- and other times it misses the mark. You can "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" each individual track and Pandora will adjust your preferences on that station accordingly.

If you have your own music you'd like to listen to, I have a cord that plugs into my speaker and connects to the audio jack of your device. I can work to just about anything, and I tend to tune out the music after a while. Please speak up if you ever need me to change the station during your massage!