Monday, October 26, 2020

Update, Refunds & Referrals

(Last Updated 1/11/2022: Are you a practitioner interested in being listed? Need to update or remove a listing? Click here. Referral listings are currently provided free of charge.)

It has been a long year.

A lot of you have been waiting patiently. I had clients who didn't read my last post or e-mail and simply wanted the CliffsNotes version, so I'll keep this short:

I am offering refunds of all gift certificate purchases. If you haven't heard from me personally, please check the Contact page for ways to reach me.

When am I reopening? I could not tell you.

Do I want to get back to doing massage? Absolutely.

Why am I not doing massage? Because my conscience and the science says that it is currently not safe to do so.

Regardless, if you would like to continue receiving massage, these are the folks and businesses across the state that I trust to take care of you -- many of whom I've worked with, personally.

Other providers and resources are available here. Contact information should be up-to-date as of this posting, but I cannot guarantee that I will keep up with any changes.

What's next? I don't know. This isn't the first iteration of I Knead Serenity, nor do I believe this is the end of it. While I'm temporarily shutting this set of doors, I'm keeping other doors open for new opportunities.

Thank you for your support. Be safe and be well.